Monday, September 5, 2011

Latest Teddy bear Cake pan Escapades

This August a friend of mine had a b-day party for several family members, since all of them were “Leo’s”, we decided a lion was the way to go.  Since one of the b-days boys was turning one and not to tolerant to dairy, we decided to keep his cake frosting and mostly decoration free, so the small teddy bear cake pan was actually used as a teddy bear, (I think the first time ever!) A few easily removed fondant pieces and the b-day boy could smash in style without any nasty repercussions.

Loved the Leo cake, easily one of my favorites, before his main he was a pretty smashing cougar too, think I may have to make a cake one of these days for my own alma mater.  With dark fudge cake and peanut butter and chocolate frosting, he tasted pretty good too!

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