Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ina, You She-Devil You!

Been wanting to try Ina Garten's cupcake mixes for awhile not, but they are expensive (around $12.00 for a kit that makes 12 dozen), plus you supply the butter copious amounts (I might add) and I just had a hard time believing that would be that good. However, secretly I wanted to believe. "Never trust a skinny chef" that's the old adage right? Well, bless her heart, I always said I would trust Ina. Nothing against Ina, you know I am eating mine too!
Anyway, the other night I won a kit at an auction and couldn't wait to try it, again I was suspicious. Well, a dozen less cupcakes later (Steve and the kids got one, I think?? Maybe they had to share the one??) Who can remember??? All I can say is HEAVENLY!!! a really delicious, quality kit. Steve and I ate the chocolate alone from the kit and it was to die for! Don't know if I will be running out to purchase her 12 dollar kits any time soon, but at $3.00 a pop for cupcakes these days, maybe Ina's are a bargain?? Doesn't hurt that my neighborhood farm stand has them in stock only blocks from my house too?? Oh, this could be bad...

I'd Like "Samoa" Please

This recipe sounded too good NOT to try. It is not exactly the cookie (what could be?) but all of the flavor profiles are definitely there. It is rich; I'm not going to lie.
 As my dad would say, "It's so damn rich you need a whole glass of milk to wash it down."
Yep, I’m sure Dad meant it was a criticism, to me,  that was always a resounding affirmation that it was my cup o' tea! Bring on the richness and pour me a tall one won’t you?
Original recipe from I just adapted it to a cupcake form & added a shot of ganche in the center just because I had a glass of milk, why not?! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Somewhere Over

They're back! I will never tire of these sweeties! Yes, a little time comsuming, but there is something magical about watching my kids eating a rainbow that brings out the kid in me!

To Make: 
  • Simply mix your vanilla batter ( I use Hello Cupcake's vanilla) w/ my own twist, of course. Good ol' box mix can be used as well & it's really the color of these that's the punch here especially if you're making them for kiddies.
       I say, save time and use a mix!

  • Divide the batter out into individual bowls

  • Add food coloring and mix. Gel pastes work best & give the best color, I think.
      However I really love McCormick's Neons liquid colors that you can get in most grocery stores.
      (I used McCormick's for the purple).
  • Place each color in a Ziplock bag and snip corner.
  • Layer each color into cupcake liners, one at a time. This time I added a small round of purple on the bottom (about the size of a quarter), then continued to add color on top of that till I filled the liners 3/4 of the way full. Although, you can experiment with how you fill to get fun effects!

  • Bake as usual, let cool, & frost with your favorite butter cream.

                       I love that even the trash is beautiful with these!

All packaged up for a special young gentleman to our family who requested that I make these again this year.

       Like I said, something about watching them eat these makes me happy!
                                 Makes me happy when I eat them too!