Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Felicity

Think I have a new addiction, I know it's hard to believe there is room in my repertoire but this little piece of heaven needs a place of its own. And who would have guessed Cracker Barrel? Let me 'splain.
Creamy pumpkin custard (nope, me either not a custard fan...this made me change my mind!), topped with a huge swirl of caramel mousse (I could write a whole page on this alone, creamy, yet light and airy, but rich with a deep caramel flavor...ah) all topped off with homemade gingersnap crumble and a gingersnap cookie-all of the flavors of fall in one scrumptious bowl. Too bad (probably good for me) there is not a Cracker Barrel anywhere close to me. I only hope they still have it in November when we go back! I will definitely be making a stop.

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