Sunday, March 4, 2012

Somewhere Over

They're back! I will never tire of these sweeties! Yes, a little time comsuming, but there is something magical about watching my kids eating a rainbow that brings out the kid in me!

To Make: 
  • Simply mix your vanilla batter ( I use Hello Cupcake's vanilla) w/ my own twist, of course. Good ol' box mix can be used as well & it's really the color of these that's the punch here especially if you're making them for kiddies.
       I say, save time and use a mix!

  • Divide the batter out into individual bowls

  • Add food coloring and mix. Gel pastes work best & give the best color, I think.
      However I really love McCormick's Neons liquid colors that you can get in most grocery stores.
      (I used McCormick's for the purple).
  • Place each color in a Ziplock bag and snip corner.
  • Layer each color into cupcake liners, one at a time. This time I added a small round of purple on the bottom (about the size of a quarter), then continued to add color on top of that till I filled the liners 3/4 of the way full. Although, you can experiment with how you fill to get fun effects!

  • Bake as usual, let cool, & frost with your favorite butter cream.

                       I love that even the trash is beautiful with these!

All packaged up for a special young gentleman to our family who requested that I make these again this year.

       Like I said, something about watching them eat these makes me happy!
                                 Makes me happy when I eat them too!

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