Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ina, You She-Devil You!

Been wanting to try Ina Garten's cupcake mixes for awhile not, but they are expensive (around $12.00 for a kit that makes 12 dozen), plus you supply the butter copious amounts (I might add) and I just had a hard time believing that would be that good. However, secretly I wanted to believe. "Never trust a skinny chef" that's the old adage right? Well, bless her heart, I always said I would trust Ina. Nothing against Ina, you know I am eating mine too!
Anyway, the other night I won a kit at an auction and couldn't wait to try it, again I was suspicious. Well, a dozen less cupcakes later (Steve and the kids got one, I think?? Maybe they had to share the one??) Who can remember??? All I can say is HEAVENLY!!! a really delicious, quality kit. Steve and I ate the chocolate alone from the kit and it was to die for! Don't know if I will be running out to purchase her 12 dollar kits any time soon, but at $3.00 a pop for cupcakes these days, maybe Ina's are a bargain?? Doesn't hurt that my neighborhood farm stand has them in stock only blocks from my house too?? Oh, this could be bad...

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