Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Holy Cow! What a Cupcake Collection

I received cow dish towels for a graduation present in High School. I know sounds a bit strange for a grad present,  they were suppose to go into my "Hope Chest" (a cedar chest full of things a gal would need when she got married-thus the "hope" part=I hope I do get married someday ah....) gag. Cute towels, but I digress, somehow these little cows took on a life of their own and I had to have something to go with the cows to make them useable in my "Hope Kitchen". This led to others seeing me purchasing cow items & thus leading them to believe that I collected cows and  before I knew it I had a massive collection that would branch out into all of the rooms in my "Hope House"- far too many for the hope chest to hold.

When I got my first real house, you guessed it, a lot of cow decor. Come on, it was the 90's and cows were cool. When I got my first teaching job I decided to rid my house of the cows, but still partially attached to them,  I let them reside in my classroom. Again, those sneaky little cows sent out the vibe that I collected them and therefore for every holiday, Teacher Appreciation Day, etc...you guessed it...COWS.  Thus the collection continued to flourish.

Why pray tell, did I tell you this on my cupcake blog, well flash forward a decade and my new passion is cupcakes...yea it's kind-of like those darn cows.
All joking aside, I loved those little cows  and I adore the cupcake paraphernalia I am given. Here are just a few from my collection...

My partner in cupcake crime and her mom are responsible for many in my collection including the two candles pictured above. Another dear friend gave me the book and I intend to make every recipe someday. MB, I think I have made five-better get cooking! The cupcake stands were made by my sis, they are so cute! I am sure you will see them often in blog photos.

My class this year bought the set of dishes above for my birthday.

Yes, I even have cupcake lotion, this was a gift from my sister and my two year old can't get enough of it. She must have a sweet tooth like her mommy.
Another b-day gift from A. Love that it's tiny but people often notice and comment when they realize what it is.

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