Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer in a Cup aka Dreamsicle aka Creamsicle aka 50/50 Bar

So many names for such a little cupcake. Let me 'xplain.  I love the taste of a Dreamsicle (that's what I have always called them). My husband refers to them as a 50/50 Bar. Others know them as Creamsicles. I am referring to that scrumtious orange flavored icecream concoction filled with creamy, delectible vanilla icecream on a stick. It just screams "Summer!" to me. I always thought they were names for the same treat, but alas, when I "Googled", I found out  they are all different. I also found out I had not been the only one with the idea. Oh, well.  I have dreamt of these cupcake for a long time and having some cream filling left over from the wedding cupcakes a few weeks ago;  I thought I would finally try.  I added just a titch of salt to the cream filling which seemed to lesson the jaw hurting sweetness effect that some frosting filled cakes have. I loved it, and the fact that they seemed to disappear at school the next day proves someone else did too.

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