Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Very Honorable Mentions of Cupcake Tours 2010

When I got home I realized A had given me today's winner  (a leftover from her b-day celebration). D's Mexican Hot Caramel Cocoa was to die for! Much better than anything we had tasted along our tour. Moist chocolate cake with a hidden Rolo suprise in the middle, drizzled with caramel, rich with a hint of cinnamon in the cake itself and topped with a yummy vanilla buttercream with Abuelita's Cocoa garnish. Hands-down the winner! Well done Mrs. A!!!

These little gems are cupcakes from Fields of Cakes in Maine. Ingenious way of shipping!!! My favorite- Peanut Butter Caramel complete with homemade caramel, a peanut butter cup, & peanut butter & caramel buttercream. We also received a "Crybaby" seemed apropo for our house. Chocolate with caramel & pecans with ganache & buttershots buttercream. And Ginger-Lime Blackberry (Stev's fav) Vanilla cake soaked in ginger lime simple syrup, filled with lime curd and infused blackberries with coconut buttercream.
Let's just say, we are NOT sharing these with the kids and those of our friends who got a taste consider yourself lucky cuz the rest of them did not get shared! Carrie is one of my cake idols and to say she is amazing is an understatement!

See more of Carrie's cakes here:

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