Friday, July 1, 2011

Tales of A Little Teddy Bear Cake Pan

It all started with this guy. He seems innocent enough doesn't he? I remember my mom borrowing the mold from her cousin and using him to make an Animal cake for my brother's b-day.  Animal (from the muppets) you know, this guy...

sure wish I had a photo (ah-hem Mom) of it. It was amazing. My mom is amazing. I learned what I know from her. She is so creative and ingenious with all she does, especially her cakes. Anyway I knew I had to have one of those molds. I remember the teddy pan  being a lot more than Animal. Several b-day cakes around our house were born from his loins. About eight years ago, I finally purchased one of my own. And I have put him to good use around my own home. Here are a few of my teddy bear cake pan creations...

I am sure this particular post will be a work in progress. I am already planning an Elmo cake for Lil'Cupcake's b-day in August.

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