Monday, July 18, 2011

Cupcake Tour 2011 Day 1 Old Towne Orange

It's day one of the tour and I am afraid we just might make some enemies in the Ol' Towne today, Orange that is. It's sad actually we visited three stores and didn't find one cupcake that we wanted to eat, that's right; A & I did not eat one whole cupcake...speaks volumes doesn't it?
These pretties are from the Perfect Circle. They are beautiful! The Shoppe is so cute with its black and Tiffany Blue.  They are really amazing to look at...and that is where the love stops for me.

I was so disappointed when a parent (because of taste, not the generosity of said parent),  brought two of them to me for Teacher Appreciation last year. They were dry and the frosting tasted off. I figured they had probably purchased them ahead of time and they were not particulary fresh.

P.C. recently won Cupcake Wars, could Candace be wrong? Surely not, so we decided to give them another try. That, and A. had a BOGO coupon. Needless to say, they did not deserve the second chance. My chocolate cupcake tasted like they had fumigated for who-knows-what that morning and forgot to cover their bins, nope take that back, must have been the night before that the decontaminating occured because the cake was so dry!

Next we tried Rockwell's. Their cupcakes are equally beautiful and it was difficult deciding which flavor. We ended up with a red velvet, tiramisu, chocolate and cutesy pie patriotic (it was the 1st after all! Ok, wrong country but you get the point).

Again, all about the presentation which I will admit is important, but you need the flavor to back it up. The cakes were dry, even the tirimisu. Don't know how you make tirimisu (ah, soaked in coffee???) dry, but this one was a poser-marscapone cheese frosting with some coffee sprinkled on top of a dull dry cupcake. The vanilla frosting left us asking what in the world they put in it? It had a very artificial, unidentifiable taste.  A is the red velvet connoisseur, & although she didn't like them;  I actually thought the cream-cheese frosting was good, maybe it was in comparison to the others & that it was actually palatable.

Last on the stop was ABC Cakes. I know you know them for cake decorating supplies (if you don't, you probably don't bake, or don't live on this side of the OC), but they just opened up a little bakery in their shop.

I wanted to say great things about them because I want to love them for more than just the closest supply shop to my residence, but their bakery service is worse than their store's regular customer service (which again, if you frequent them like I do, you get what I mean). It took us forever to get waited on, with employees walking right past us several times. I finally walked over to the regular cashier and asked if we could get some help in the bakery. She directed us to a make-shift doorbell and told us to "ring it for service" seriously?

She did say I could pay for my other items there though, thank goodness because I was getting tired of waiting. But nope, after getting my selection the gal told me that I could not purchase everything there because she was new and didn't know how, but that I could get back in the line that I was in originally. Oh, goodie!

After all of that work, I was really ready for a yummy treat...sadly, no. Grocery-store bakery at best.  Even the cake-bites disappointed, guess I will have to return to Utah to get my fix of those too.

It's a sad cupcake day indeed. The saddest part, is the kids didn't even clean up the leftovers once I got home. You know it's bad when the kids won't eat them!

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